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What maintenance does the opener require?

Regular maintenance requires regular inspection of the garage door parts. Cleaning and lubrication have to be provided to the metal parts once a year. Tightening the bolts that are holding the tracks is another common maintenance task. Any seriously damaged parts should be replaced right away.

What maintenance products and tools do I need?

You will have to use a solvent and a lubricant for maintaining the metal garage door parts, as our experts in Marina Del Rey suggest. You will benefit from a thin yet sturdy brush for applying any liquid treatments. You will require a screwdriver for tightening and loosening bolts when necessary.

Is it ok if my door is overpowered or underpowered?

According to our experts, it is highly advisable to follow the required voltage of your garage door opener. With lower power, it may not work efficiently and use even more electricity, while overpowering may heat up and damage the mechanism.

Which type of springs is better, coil or overhead?

This depends wholly on what type of opening action your door requires. Overhead springs are best for garage doors which open straight upward and require more support while they are open. Coil springs which look like those found on a trampoline are sturdy, hard-workers, and are perfect for exceptionally heavy doors.

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