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Excellent tips for everyone! We give excellent and smart ideas about ways to keep your garage doors beautiful and safe. How wise are your decisions concerning garage doors? Let the following tips be of assistance

  • Don't put force on the door

    Never put force on your garage door. If you want to open it manually, treat it gently. When you put force, you might cause damage or injure yourself if the garage door springs do not work well and the opener is disconnected. Anyway, if the door doesn't move with gentle moves, there is a problem with the springs.

  • Replace the bottom seal of the garage door regularly

    The seal provides protection from water and chemicals and literally takes the blow instead of the garage door. That is why it gets damaged and worn out quickly and requires frequent replacement. Inspect it in spring and in early fall to replace it if needed.

  • Clean all metal garage door parts with a solvent

    The solvent works to remove dirt and rust from tracks, rollers, hinges and other parts. It will protect the parts from rusting in the future as well, according to our specialists in garage door repair Marina Del Rey. Choose a top quality solvent such as a citrus-based product.

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