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Parts That May Need Repair

03/23/2014 Back To Blog

Due to extended usage of the door continually going up and down over the years, all of its components are bound to need repair at some point or another. Some malfunction more often than others. Here are some of the most common garage door parts that will eventually need replacing.Parts That May Need Repair

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs come with most contemporary sectional panelrl doors. They are located along the upper header of the garage door. The tension that they carry is very high which makes them anextremely dangerous component to repair or adjust without proper instruction and training.

Extension Springs

Extension garage door springs extend along the door sides vertically. These springs are quite dangerous when they break. They snap with such force that they’re known to damage walls, ceilings, windows, and even vehicles. Usually they are installed on dated garage doors as well as low ceiling spaces.

Hinges and Rollers

Garage door hinges are another part of the door that eventually wears out. Their sole purpose is to hold together the sectional door panels. They don’t wear as often as other parts, but the constant use of the door eventually takes its toll on them.  Rollers on the other hand wear out much quicker, especially if they are the ones without bearings. Garage door repair Marina Del Rey recommends nylon type rollers because their bearings are quieter when rolling through grit.


Garage door cables help pull the weight of the door, so it only makes sense for them to break or become off track eventually. In the event should they malfunction, it is best to get them repaired by a professional because of their complexity. Instead of simply being an individual part, they are linkedand operate with the entire door system.

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